No matter how good the internet, no matter how wonderful our computer and phone screens, there is still something magical about seeing your work printed in a real book! And while the International Portrait Photographer of the Year Awards book will be delivered both online and in print, it's the print version that really gets us excited.

In addition to this award, Peter Eastway also organises and publish the International Landscape Photographer of the Year award which has the same idea: to produce a book of award winning photographs.

Said Peter, "Recently I was at a trade show, visiting the Momento Pro stand, a bespoke photo book printer. Over on one of their tables was a large book with thick, sumptuous pages open on some of the most amazing landscape photographs I had ever seen. Curious, I walked a little closer, feeling that I recognised the photos - and of course I did! It was the latest version of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year book, each page perfectly printed and lovingly bound by Momento Pro's own craftspeople. But what really sang to me was the quality of the photos, each enhanced by the quality of ink on paper, something that doesn't translate nearly so well in an online environment."

That's what we're aiming for with portraiture. No matter what the genre of photography, there’s something magic about a book, the weight of its covers, the feel of the paper as you turn the pages, the excitement and surprise as you look at amazing photograph after amazing photograph. This is our vision: to create a portrait photography publication that is so beautiful, every serious portrait photographer in the world will want to be involved.

All you have to do is provide one of the Top 101 portrait photographs of the year to be included! Are you up for the challenge this year?

The International Portrait Photographer of the Year Awards has teamed up with an on-demand printer who has the craft and dedication to produce a book that matches our vision. In Australia, we’re working with Momento Pro, a printing company that is directed by Libby Jeffery and Geoff Hunt, two people with the same passion for photography and publishing that we have for landscapes and portraiture. Each year, copies of the book will be presented to our esteemed judges and to the 13 major prize winners.

If your photograph is published in the International Portrait Photographer of the Year Awards book, then you’ll want everyone to know that you’re one of the elite 101 photographers who made the grade. And with eBooks, your fame (and potential fortune) will know no bounds! We will be promoting the book, but best of all, so can you! Direct your family, friends and fans to this website and they can download a PDF copy for free! Put it on your tablet or your smartphone and share the love! 

You can purchase hard copies from our website. For book deliveries within Australia, they will be dispatched directly from Momento Pro. For delivery addresses outside Australia, you will be able to order through Lulu. When you visit our online shop, pick the book with the correct delivery destination and you will be directed to the correct link - it's easy!